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NEW UPDATE 27/02/2024 !

Roshido Chronicles Volume Three Part II is now available for online reading.

Part III will be release in March 2024. 

Click here to start reading at Roshido Page.


NEW UPDATE 31/01/2024 !

Roshido Chronicles Volume Three Part I is now available for online reading.

Part II will be release in February 2024. 

Click here to start reading at Roshido Page.


  UPDATE: 31/12/2023

Good morning to the final day of 2023 and hello.

Looking back this year saw some extra difference from 2022. Apart from the daily comic labour for Roshido Book 3 this year, I also took part in the art exhibitions of Singapore Comic Festival and the ICC (International Comic Artist Conference). Thanks to TCZ Studio that my art exhibiting are made possible at these organized events.

This year also mark the third year in comic characters sculptures development starting from November 2020. For the first two years the development of sculptures are done by talented hired artists before deciding to develop digital sculptures with my own hands this year. Here are some presentations of Roshido Chokoku 2023 and attached with some previews of Roshido Book 3 which will be release for free online reading before April in 2024.


In final words I would like to say thanks again to the people who have offer their help and friendship this year whether big or small. Your kindness make a difference and I hope the next coming year will be great for you with blessing going out of count. Wish you a Happy 2024!


Character Sculptures: Aketa Shinku, Lotus Lord Ama, Yojinn Highlord.

                         UPDATE: 11/11/2023

Many Thanks to Mr Wee of TCZ Studio that I'm able to take part in the 2023 International Comic Artist Conference Art Exhibitions along side with many talented Singapore Comic Artists. Cheers!