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" BRUCE Taylor is a veteran tank gunner of the second world war. Now a dying old man in his shophouse, he counts the last days of his winter but with the coming of a mysterious visitor, his fate soon changes to become extraordinary in face of a threat which could destroy all that he has. "



First published in Singapore 2014.

This Hardcopy 2020 edition : $10 USD Print on demand digital booklet 64 pages.

Paypal Only. Price include shipping Fee. Shipping is 7 to 15 days after postage. Returns are not accepted. 

Book includes concept sketches prior to production, a walk through of author's thoughts when creating this work plus an extra bonus: a concept art for possible book II ( not confirm ).

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This video was made on 9 April 2014 to raise fund for hardcopy mass printing.

Sherman E book PDF version is available at for $3.00 USD. You will need a Paypal account to purchase it and it offers buyer protection. Please let me know if there is any issue with the payment. Any feedback thereafter is welcome.

Sherman 01 is my primary attempt to bring a comic character into a real collectible. Sherman 01 is a 9 inch 3D print on demand resin and hand painted statue. This product comes complete with a 64 pages Hardcopy Sherman comic. It is available for sale now on this site. All terms and conditions applies. Click here for more details

Sherman 01 was sculpted by the talented 3D sculptor Sugih K.P. There are many difficulties faced when creating the sculpt but the artist himself overcome it after careful attention to details. He is a professional to be hold with high regard and Sherman 01 could not materialize without his effort. Many thanks to him for bringing the comic character to live.

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