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 UPDATE: 31/12/2023

Good morning to the final day of 2023 and hello.

This year mark the third year in comic characters sculptures development starting from November 2020.

For the first two years the development of sculptures are done by talented hired artists before deciding to develop digital sculptures with my own hands this year. Here are some presentations of Roshido Chokoku 2023.


In final words I would like to say thanks again to the people who have offer their help and friendship this year whether big or small. Your kindness make a difference and I hope the next coming year will be great for you with blessing going out of count. Wish you a Happy 2024!


Character Sculptures: Aketa Shinku, Lotus Lord Ama, Yojinn Highlord.

NEW UPDATE 27/08/2023 !

FOTK 2023 Digital Sculptures are completed. Never have I thought I will

one day sculpt these characters after 10 years since the publication of

the 2012 English Book Edition. Aside from these three major characters,

there are some other characters in this book which I like to sculpt but that

 depends on the availability of time that has being mostly devoted to my

Roshido works. This is the beginning of my sculpting journey and I hope

I can deliver more and better in coming years. Enjoy the Spin.

Character Sculpt:  Wu Tong, Kong Ming and Sima Yi

Sculptor: C.H.Ng


NEW UPDATE 31/12/2022 !

The Sculptures of Roshido Chokoku 2022 are completed. Aketa Yitara ( Left ) and Aketa Nari ( Right ) are sculpted by Johannesestay and Roguehero3D of the

sculpture community. Both artists display great talent in their sculpting works and I appreciate all the efforts made by all the sculptors that have made Roshido Chokoku 2022 possible.

The Comic Characters are introduced in Roshido Tales of Onin War short story that was published in 2014. Roshido Chokoku will continue next year to bring more

characters as sculpture works.

See you again next year and wish you a Happy 2023.

NEW UPDATE 15/08/2022 !


Roshido Chokoku 2021 are sculptures of Roshido comic characters.

The 3D prints are completed in March 2022. This picture of the characters statues are now release in conjunction with the recent release of Chronicles Volume One. This is one of the main reason to develop stories for comic characters. A character statue is not just a piece of sculpture. There are stories which we can relate to and get in touch with behind them. Many thanks again to all the contributors who make this possible.

NEW UPDATE 30/12/2021 !

The final third sculpture of Roshido Chokoku 2021 is completed. Hatamoto Hanzo   ( Centre Back ) is initially sculpted by Fabrizio Gioia and later modified by havidz_art. Both artists display great talent in their sculpting works and I appreciate all the efforts made by all the sculptors that have made Roshido Chokoku 2021

 possible. It is unfortunate that the 3D prints did not make it in time for this presentation and the work will continue in 2022.

A fourth optional addition ( Shinjo ) to Chokoku 2021 is included because time has allows me to explore digital sculpting myself during the second half of 2021. This addition make a complete set to Chokoku 2021 and I am happy to see my first sculpt well developed in the final hours of 2021. 

Though there are many failed 3D printings during the cause of making 3D prints of all the sculptures, I would still like to thank all 3D printers that have help in my effort to materialized the 3D prints of Chokoku 2021. I wish 2022 will continue be a fruitful year for me and to those that have cared about my progression and well being. A very Happy New Year to all these people and wishing them all the best!

Three Model screenshot.jpg

Roshido Chokoku 2021 are sculptures of Roshido comic characters. It is an attempt in 2021 to create 3 sculptures that adds to my portfolio of Roshido sculpture works. The 3D prints are still work in progress. Here is a sneak peek at two of the sculptures work by the talented Digital Sculptor Sanket Mahamuni.

Characters presented here are Ishida Korio (left) and Mayahito Motonada (right).

Sherman 01 is my primary attempt to convert a comic character into a real collectible. Sherman 01 is a 9 inch 3D print on demand resin and hand painted statue. This product comes complete with a 64 pages Hardcopy Sherman comic. It is available for sale now on this site. All terms and conditions applies. Click here for more details

Sherman 01 was sculpted by the talented 3D sculptor Sugih K.P. There are many difficulties faced when creating the sculpt but the artist himself overcome it after careful attention to details. He is a professional to be hold with high regard and Sherman 01 could not materialize without his effort. Many thanks to him for bringing the comic character to live.

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