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NEW UPDATE 27/08/2023

武童云 ( Fate of Three Kingdoms - FOTK ) is now available for Online Reading.

The work was first published in English in 2012.

This version is 2023 Chinese Edition with revamped art, story extension and

written in Chinese to better tell a Three Kingdoms Story the way it is

meant to be shown, for meeting my own standards where I found that no other language can best express this story other than Chinese lanagauge. I hope you will enjoy reading it whether it is for the first time or revisiting the world now with this Chinese Edition.

Click on the link below to start reading and have a good day.

Part One  ( 第一卷 )

Part Two  ( 第二卷 )

Part Three  ( 第三卷 )


FOTK 2023 Digital Sculptures are completed. Never have I thought I will

one day sculpt these characters after 10 years since the publication of

the 2012 English Book Edition. Aside from these three major characters,

there are some other characters in this book which I like to sculpt but that

 depends on the availability of time that has being mostly devoted to my

Roshido works. This is the beginning of my sculpting journey and I hope

I can deliver more and better in coming years. Enjoy the Spin.

Character Sculpt:  Wu Tong, Kong Ming and Sima Yi

Sculptor: C.H.Ng


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